Welcome to IV4J

Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training

Project total duration: 32 months,
1st November 2016 – 30th June 2019

IV4J is an acronym: Innovation in VET for Jobs and Employment Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training project An overall sector project job-oriented that would like to introduce a strong dissemination of learning outcomes coming

After 2.5 years of running (Erasmus+) here our IV4J project summary:
Seven organizations from 5 countries were partners in this project and more than 800 participants were involved in teaching, learning and training activities: VET teachers / trainers and trainees. The overall objective of the partnership was to improve the skills and competences of VET teachers so that their teaching meets current needs. Throughout the IV4J project, teachers / trainers learned to adapt their methods and use technology in the classroom for a modern, innovative approach to VET. This leads to increased employability of trainees in the European labor market.
Various strategic tools and methods have been used to achieve these goals. They are organized into specific objectives and have been evaluated together with the various partners in the different events carried out throughout the project (transnational meetings, learning activities, workshops, etc.). The partnership aimed to achieve the following intellectual achievements – 7 guides:
Entrepreneurship, Work Oriented Learning, Creative Problem Solving, web2.0, Gaming Learning, Simulations, Open Educational Resources, ECVET – a collection of teaching materials that result from working together and working together. The guides cover a collection of clues, methods, strategies and innovative teaching tools: digital tools – software, Web 2.0, tutorials, practical applications.

We are happy to annouce our next project for 2021. For more infos please take a look at www.ip4j.eu .

Many thanks to all partners of our project!

Dom, Magdeburg (Germany)