Multiplier event in Matera M-E1 (Italy)

Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership for VET
25 June 2019 – University of Basilicata (Italy)

What we did for the Multiplier Event

  • We established an Agenda for the activities of the M.E..
  • We printed a poster to promote the event.
  • We invited all the possible stakeholders at the Event with the local partnership of Compagnia delle Opere and other enterprises.
  • We organised the M.E. for the whole day in our innovation space in GODESK.
  • We made ppt presentation on the project.
  • We did a press release sent to all media.
  • At the end we had during the M.E. n.47 participants but 4 of them were from GODESK or EURO-NET staff so they are not eligible. SO ONLY 43 ARE ELIGIBLE but in any case more than the established number.

The agenda of the Multiplier Event

  • 10:30 Registration of participants
  • 11:00 Welcome
  • 11:30 Greetings and partners‘ presentation
  • 11:30 IV4J project and it’s outcomes
  • 12:30 Interactive guides about innovation in Vocational education and training (Entrepreneurship Education, Work-Based Learning and Creative Problem Solving)
  • 13:25 End of the morning session
  • 13:30 Light lunch
  • 15:00 Interactive guides about innovation in Vocational education and training (Web 2.0 for VET, Gamificationm Simulation and Digital Storxtelling, Open Educational Resources, ECVET)
  • 16:20 Coffee Break
  • 16:30 Workshop about Creative Problem Solving Methodology
  • 17:30 Networking and open discussion
  • 18:00 Conclusions
  • 18:30 End of the Event
Our project partner
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download Report of the Multiplier Event

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