Multiplier event in Potenza M-E7 (Italy)

Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership for VET
03 May 2019 – Potenza (Italy)

What we did for the Multiplier Event

We established an Agenda for the activities of the M.E..
We printed a poster to promote the event.
We invited all the possible stakeholders at the Event with the local partnership of Compagnia delle Opere and other enterprises.
We organised the M.E. for the whole day in our innovation space in GODESK.
We made ppt presentation on the project.
We did a press release sent to all media.
At the end we had during the M.E. n.47 participants but 4 of them were from GODESK or EURO-NET staff so they are not eligible. SO ONLY 43 ARE ELIGIBLE but in any case more than the established number.

The agenda of the Multiplier Event

09:30 Registration of participants
10:00 Introduction to the event
10:30 The project IV4J (how it was born and why)
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Activities developed in the project IV4J (what we did and why)
13:30 End of the morning session
14:00 Light lunch
16:00 Restart the afternoon session. The future of VET system
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Presentation of the IV4J Intellectual Outputs
17:45 Innovation in the recruitment system and the innovation
18:30 Examples of best practicse
18:50 Conclusions
19:00 End of the Event

download Report of the Multiplier Event

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