Creativity Tools

for presentations

  • Prezi - web-based presentation software for visual story telling
  • Google Slides - location-independent online tool to create, edit, collaborate and present

for Mind Maps

  • Mindmeister - Website for collaborative mind mapping
  • Bubble - Website for collaborative mind mapping
  • Popplet - For the iPad and web to capture and organize ideas in mind maps

for infographic creations

  • - Website for creating and sharing of visual ideas

for image creation and editing

  • Padlet - for collaborative works on presentation images, documents and websites
  • Canva - for web based designs and photo editing
  • Google Photo - for cloud based photo organization, tagging and editing

for sharing of inspirations

  • Symbaloo - Online - Platform to share social bookmarks
  • Pinterest - Online - Platform to share ideas

Online Design Thinking Methodology

  • Etoys - Programming language and development environment for computer simulations u.a. for children
  • Scratch - Educational programming language and development environment for children and adolescents
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