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Web 2.0 (Social Media)

develops quickly in its technical virtue but also in its integration in face-to-face meetings and traditional publishing of books and mail correspondence. Ideally, the adoption of WEB 2.0 by VET teachers would prelude the adoption by VET learners. Seen the disruptive nature of WEB 2.0 this is not the case; both teachers and learners develop in parallel. In order to scaffold the adoption of WEB 2.0 by VET teachers the role of VET teacher platforms have been prominent the last four decades. They play an ever more important role both in the communication, collaboration and creativity during the selection, innovation and implementation process of WEB 2.0 in VET. WEB 2.0 brings social presence and –interactions while visiting the internet. Web applications like apps on the smart phone and tablet PCs allow quick access and assistance in navigation. Social networking and social media offer particular services on top of WEB 2.0; It allows its members to feel as belonging to a community promoting group feeling and comfort to become friends of friends’ friends.

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