Multiplier event in Dublin M-E4

Multiplier event in Dublin (Ireland)

On Thursday 9 May 2019, a “Multiplier Event” took place in the Partas Bolbrook Enterprise Centre, to facilitate the effective dissemination of the outputs and information arising from the Innovation for Jobs ( project.

Forty-three qualifying attendees were present at the event, which was delivered by Partas IV4J personnel (John Kearns and David Brady) and guest speakers (Professor Tom Cooney and Diane Richmond).

Similar events took place in other IV4J partner countries during April-May 2019.

The objectives for the Multiplier Event were as follows-

· To share and disseminate intellectual outputs from the IV4J to key partners and stakeholders of the project
· To facilitate testing and implementation of the guides and methodologies proposed in the project
· To receive feedback on the impact and potential benefits of the project outputs
· To generate an archive of video and photographic material for subsequent dissemination purposes on social media and press-media outlets.

John Kearns (CEO, Partas) leading a session at the event
Tom Cooney (TUD) presenting at the IV4J Multiplier event

For more information please download Multiplier Event report!

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