Multiplier event in Magdeburg M-E2

Multiplier event in Magdeburg

We as IV4J + ErasmusPLus + FA-Magdeburg-team were able to present our results successful and 83 participants could actively participate in our FA-Magdeburg presentation, together with our partner SBH Südost in Magdeburg, Germany on 11th of April 2019.

Mr. Schäfer (FA-Magdeburg)
9:30 Opening speech, Mr. Schäfer (FA-Magdeburg), project presentation: guides, matrix
9:40 Opening trough project leader Ms. Liviana Marinescu via SkypeCall
9:45 Welcome speech Project partner Ines Benhold, SBH Südost (Germany)
9:55-10:09 Introduction of the project IV4J, guides in detail, Ralf Sachsenmaier, FA (Germany)
Guides Entrepreneurship in VET; Creativ Problem Solving, Tools Web 2.0
coffee break
Ralf Sachsenmaier (FA), Dr. H. Stolte (GIZ), Dr. Trowe (GIZ), Marion Schubert (SBH Süd)
Ralf Sachsenmaier (FA), Ines Benhold (SBH Südost)

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